The Audition Process

You are advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to your audition time. Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear that you can move in easily.  On your arrival, please provide your Applicant Information form and sheet music to the person at the Registration Table.

The audition will be in three parts:

1. Music audition: You will sing your selected 16 to 32 bars of your song.
2. Reading: You will read a selection from the script for your character (or another character at the discretion of the director). These readings will also be available on the website two weeks prior to auditions.
3. Choreography: You will learn a short dance sequence, geared to all levels of experience, along with the other auditioners for presentation to the audition panel.

Auditions can be stressful!  We’ve all been there and we understand. Keep in mind that we want you to do well. Just be yourself, be professional, and have fun! If you trip up/forget a song lyric, just keep singing. If you miss a dance step, just keep moving. We’re more interested in how you recover than looking for perfection.