Love and Human Remains

Love and Human Remains by Brad Fraser (Drama) - March 7-16, 2019

Syopsis:  David McMillan is a former actor, current waiter on the verge of turning thirty. Together with his book-reviewing roommate, Candy, and his best friend, Bernie, David encounters a number of seductive strangers in their search for love and sex.  But, the games turn ugly when it appears one of their number might be a serial killer.

A compelling study of young adults groping for meaning in a senseless world,Love and Human Remainsimmediately controversial for its violence, nudity, frank dialogue, and sexual explicitness. It was quickly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike and was named one of the ten best plays of the year byTime Magazine. The play has been produced worldwide, translated into multiple languages, and received many awards.

Love and Human Remains was originally produced under the title Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love.

Casting:  3 m, 3 f

Candy, 20s/30s, atrying to meet the perfect man but who along the way finds herself experimenting with;

David, 20’s/30’s, gay, Candy’s roommate, who no longer believes that love exists; 

Kane, late teens, a sexually confused teenager who idolizes David; 

Bernie, 20’s/30’s, David's troubled best friend;

Jerri, 20’s/30’s, a lesbian who falls in love with Candy;

Benita, 20’s/30’s, awith.

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