The Soldier Dreams



written by Daniel MacIvor

co-directed by Tim Ginley and Chantal Plante

This production garnered multiple awards at the 2009 Eastern Ontario Drama League's One Act Play Festival:

Brighton Barn Theatre People's Choice Award - Toto Too Theatre - The Solider Dreams

Ottawa Little Theatre Best Production Award - for direction, minimal but effective design, and superb ensemble acting in an emotional and complex script - Toto Too Theatre - The Soldier Dreams

Nepean Little Theatre Acting Award - for a nuanced, multi-leveled, perceptive portrayal of a man desperately trying to do and say the right thing in a difficult situation - Toto Too Theatre - The Solider Dreams - Ken Godmere as Sam

The Soldier Dreams is a dark comedy about life, death and grief. It is the story of a young man's life coming to a close, and the impact it has on his family.

David, the dying man, is haunted by the memory of an idyllic romantic encounter with a German medical student, while his family sits by, trying to cope with the loss. As he lays dying, his family gathers around his bed trying to understand his delirious utterances.

While the living struggle to find the meaning in his dying words, the audience is taken inside the man's imagination to recapture significant moments in his life.

The Cast:

Jesse Reynolds
Nancy Clue
Lawrence Evenchick
Ken Godmere

Nadine Thornhill

Chris Bedford
Lori Jean Hodge
Patrick Kennedy:

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