The Irish Curse

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February 12-15, 2014 at at Arts Court Theatre

Playwright:  Martin Casella

Directed by:  Stewart Matthews

Cast:  Geoffrey Wale (as Joseph Flaherty), Nick Fournier (as Rick Baldwin), Lucus Kenny (as Stephen Fitzgerald), George Rigby (as Kevin Shaunessy), and Jeremy Piamonte (as Keiran Riley)

Crew:  Erin MacDonald (Stage Manager), Bryony Etherington (Asst. Stage Manager), Desiree Morin (Costumes), Grant Dolan (Set Design), Stewart Matthews (Lighting & Sound Design)

What “The Irish Curse” is – and how it manifests itself – is the raw centerpiece of this wicked, rollicking and very funny new play.  From its blistering language to its brutally honest look at sex and body image, “The Irish Curse” is a revealing portrait of how men, and society, define masculinity.  In doing so, it dares to pose the fundamental question that has been on the minds of men since the beginning of time: “Do I measure up to the next guy?”   

Size matters to Joseph Flaherty, Stephen Fitzgerald, Rick Baldwin and Kevin Shaunessy. This small group of Irish-American men (all professionally successful New Yorkers) meet every Wednesday night, in a Catholic church basement, at a self-help group for men with small penises. This allegedly Irish trait is the focus of their weekly whining and bitching as they feel this "shortcoming" has ruined their lives. 

One evening, when a twenty-something blue-collar guy joins the group, he challenges everything the other men thought about "the Irish curse" ...tackling their obsession with body image and unmasking the comical and truthful questions of identity, masculinity, sex, relationships, and social status that define their lives.


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