Jigsaw Confessions

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written by David Lohrey

directed by Jim McNabb

Even death fails to reconcile a young man to his father's sexuality in David Lohrey's Jigsaw Confession. One of the four plays in Lohreys "Sex Talk(s)" series, this piece centres around a couple faced with the task of settling the father's estate. They hope to find a manuscript in which the son believes his father has explained his determination many years earlier to leave the family to live with a man. 
Meanwhile, the late Chancellor's male lover, Chris, shows up. Dennis and Chris now set about trying to make sense of the Chancellor's life. The play moves across several years as the two men reminisce, but conflict as they grapple with their memories of this once-powerful man. 

The Cast:

Chris Bickford - Dennis
Nancy Kenny - Lisa
Cheryl Jackson - Josephine
Lawrence Aronovitch - Lawrence
Denis Schryburt - Chris

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