In Times of Trouble

In Times of Trouble is the hilarious, yet, bittersweet storyabout a 47-year-old teenager trying to find her way home.

Martha Chaves is a professional stand-up comedian with more than twenty years of experience on stage. She's a master storyteller, and whereas In Times of Trouble deals with serious issues, the play possesses the rare gift of remaining comical even in its most dramatic moments, like coming out of the rubble after an earthquake and coming out of the closet to an ultra-religious mother.

In Chaves’ words - “Like the mythical Phoenix, I have the ability to rise from the ashes. Being a refugee and living away from my place of birth and my family since the age of 17, I am a champion when it comes to surviving loss and reinventing myself. However, I could never have done it without my sense of humour, which is the best gift I inherited from my mother. Incidentally, the play focuses on my relationship with her and how we both survived our huge differences through the radiance of love and the power of laughter."

Martha is a former resident of Ottawa and member of our LGBT community. TotoToo Theatre is proud to welcome Martha back “home” for this very special theatre presentation.

Stage Manager:  Val Bogan

Lighting Design:  Barry Sims

Sound Design:  David Ing

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