Confessions of a Mad Drag Queen

Confessions Cover

August 21-24, Academic Hall, University of Ottawa.

Playwright:  David Blue

Director:  Klaas van Werlingh

Cast:  Barry Daley
(as Miranda Rights), John Collins (as John Foster)

Crew:  Mieke Iveson (Stage Manager), Monique Ecroyd (Asst. Stage Manager and Set Dresser), Grant Dolan (Set Design), John Solmon (Lighting Design), Peggy Laverty (Costumes), Stephen Liddiard (Props Design and Prompter), Laura Wheeler (Technician)

"Twenty years ago, Miranda Rights snapped and went on a murderous rampage. She shot her lover, her protégé and her worst enemy. Now at last, Miranda reveals what led up to that fateful night to an eager author. But all is not as it seems as Miranda’s life and sanity begin to unravel again.


Confessions of a Mad Drag Queen: "This Campy Mystery Hits the Spot!" - Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

Confession sof a Mad Drag Queen: "Script Drags Confessions Down" - Iris Winston, Capital Critics Circle

Confessions of a Mad Drag Queen: "Delusional Drag Queen Headlines Pride Production" rebuilds after failed season - THEATRE / Theatre company plans to add music, women and drag queens to roster

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