Play Direction

  • Director - This is a role that is selected by the Board of Directors.  The director oversees a specific production and all aspects of what will appear on stage.  It requires the person to have a theatre background.
  • Assistant Director - Assists the director by maintaining notes about productions and stepping in on occasion to run rehearsals (if the director is unable to attend a rehearsal).
  • Stage Manager - Takes over the show on performance nights to run the entire production from the control booth above the theatre audience.  This is a key role since the Stage Manager runs the show, once the production hits the stage.
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Works with the Stage Manager from behind the curtain to make sure actors hit their cues to be on stage.  The Assistant Stage Manager is connected to the Stage Manager with a head-set so that they have complete control and awareness of what is happening on stage and behind the scenes.
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