Creating the Set

  • Set Designer - Works with the director to create a stage that will be effective in recreating the play on stage.  This person will also work with a set construction team to construct, paint and completes the set(s). 
  • Set Construction - Usually consists of a team of two to three people who will build the set for the theatre based on a set design.  This included loading the set into the theatre, assembling it and painting it.  Set construction also includes tearing down the set after the production. 
  • Set Decorator - Works in collaboration with the Director and Set Designer to furnish the set.  This includes all of the large or small items to fill a room(s) in the set but not those items handled by the cast (props) are selected by the set decorator to enhance the visual realism of the set.  This objects include furniture, draperies, knickknacks on a shelf and even trash cans. 
  • Stage Props Manager -  Will read the script and attend a few rehearsals to familiarize themselves with any items that would be handled by the actors.  For example, if the script calls for someone to pick up a deck of cards, the props person would be responsible for finding, buying or otherwise acquiring the cards or any other items the script or the director needs.  This is a great job for people who enjoy shopping. 
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