TotoToo Theatre is first and foremost community-oriented. We welcome everyone from the entire community (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, queer, straight - whatever your persuasion) to take part in staging and performing in our productions. Your theatre company is defined by the subject matter of its productions (plays which might not otherwise be selected for production by the general theatre community because of their themes or content).  TotoToo Theatre doesn't define itself by the people who volunteer as production and cast members.  Everyone who loves theatre is very welcome to play in our sandbox

TotoToo Theatre encourages everyone with an interest in acting to audition for upcoming productions. We have a growing reputation for recognizing new talent and launching novice actors into the wider theatre community. We also welcome actors honed in their craft to audition for productions and showcase their own talents and skills.

TotoToo Theatre provides a learning environment for those interested in getting involved in the "behind-the-scene" aspects of theatre production, such as stage management, properties, set construction, promotions, etc.  Those with little or no experience are paired with more experienced resources in order to learn the craft.

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