• In fulfilling our mission, TotoToo Theatre strives to achieve the following goals:

    • To create and maintain an open, transparent and respectful environment that encourages¬†creativity.
    • To provide opportunities for volunteers from within the National Capital region community who would like to learn aspects of theatre production and theatre marketing.
    • To audition actors who may or may not have previous experience in theatre, and to challenge gay/lesbian stereotypes in terms of how characters are developed and presented.
    • To invite the LGBTQ community to see representations of their lives and experiences on stage, which reflect their experiences and issues.
    • To educate by exposing gay and lesbian issues to the wider theatre-going audience and to attract new people to experience theatre.
    • To create awareness among the broader theatre-producing community regarding LGBTQ stereotyping and to demonstrate a wider range of LGBTQ character development and representation within the theatre arts.
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