Character Descriptions

Bare is a mostly sung through Pop Opera.  As such, strong vocal ability is essential.  It is also an ensemble piece.  While the primary story is about Peter and Jason, all cast members must have solid acting ability as well.  Each character has their own story to tell.  While not a “dance” show, strong movement ability is also essential.  While not required, a good knowledge of Romeo & Juliet would be useful.

Bare is set in a Catholic High School in the USA.  Most (if not all) of the students are in Grade 12, so stage age should be around 18.  The directing team is open to adjusting upwards as long as ages remain relative.  There are only three “adults” in the cast and as such should look obviously older than the rest of the cast. The directing team is happy to consider, with the exceptions noted below, individuals regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Performers need to be comfortable with the overtly sexual nature of some of the scenes.  This is a very physical and emotional show.


Is gay, knows and acknowledges that fact and has a need to come out. Gentle, playful, but with deep feelings. Jason’s love interest. Best friends and roommates.

Tenor up to an A


A natural athlete, Peter’s love interest. Probably the least bi..but won’t come out. Often brash. Wealthy background, “jock” type. Nadia’s brother.

Tenor up to an A


Considered the school slut. Though she may not be. Can be aggressive, strong. A need to be loved and accepted.

Mezzo with belt up to E flat. 


Jason’s sister, needs to be physically a bit larger than others. This is referenced in song.  A sweet heart, but with a dark side. Can be very edgy. Think goth. Direct contrast to and foil for Ivy, her roommate.

Mezzo with belt up to C.


Socially awkward. Preppy. Desperately in love with Ivy, who more or less ignores him.  Unrequited love. Has a nasty side as well.

Bari-tenor up to G.


The school drug dealer. Good sense of humour, everyone’s friend. Mr. Party. Also a sense that he may be trying to be what he isn’t. This character has a rap number, so be prepared. 



Lucas’ girlfriend. Perhaps a bit run down and trashy.


Diane Lee

Nerdy-goofy. Comic timing essential.



Athlete. Bottom of the class academically though. Basketball star but a slacker in class. 



Teams with Tanya as “Mean Girls”. A bit slutty, not the brightest. Toned down version of Ivy in many ways.



The nerd, very much into class and Romeo & Juliet, perhaps more religious than the rest. 







Peter’s mother, in denial re: Peter’s sexual orientation.  She knows deep down, but won’t admit it. Divorced..may blame that on Peter.

Mezzo, belt to C

Sister Chantelle

The name says it all. Ideally a person of colour as referenced in script. She is confident, sassy, almost larger than life. She pushes her students, but also understands them.  Not yer average nun, think more Whoopie.

Mostly a mezzo with a few high riffs to a G


Tries to be understanding… but ultimately fails. Everything by the book. Puts the needs of the church ahead of the needs of his students. Ideally middle aged.

Bari-tenor up to G.

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