Character Descriptions

CLOUDBURST by American-Canadian playwright Thom Fitzgerald

Stella: 70’s – She is comfortable in her own skin and has always been so. She’s tough, direct, and a “take control” woman, but beneath that tough exterior lies a schemer with a wicked sense of humour and a caring heart, especially when it comes to Dot, the love of her life. Stella has a mouth that would make sailors blush. She drinks a lot but never seems the worse for wear. 

Dot: 70’s – Dot is the softer side of this couple. She is legally blind and sees only shadows, depending on Stella to get around and to provide her with “colour commentary”. She also has balance issues, falls over and “can’t get up”. She senses the good in everyone.

Note: Both Stella and Dot have a costume change on stage where they strip down to their underwear. 

Prentice: 20’s – Originally from small town Nova Scotia, Prentice works as a dancer in New York City. He’s a starving artist, very outgoing/easy-going with a pronounced sensuality about him. He is very comfortable with his body. He is not, and should not be played as a smart-ass or super cocky; he is a nice guy who loves his mother and gets on like a house on fire with Stella and Dot. This character has a short nude scene (final scene of Act 1) where he washes his clothing in the rain. The director will negotiate this scene with required sensitivity through lighting and other effects to make it as comfortable as possible for the actor. A sense of rhythm and an ability to express oneself through interpretive dance will be an asset. 

Molly: 30’s – Dot’s grand-daughter, married to Tommy. She loves her Nana but is totally oblivious to Dot and Stella’s relationship. She is not a bad person though she does bamboozle her Nana into signing a power of attorney to put her in a home. 

Tommy: 30’s – Molly’s husband and a town constable. Physical fitness required as he must be able to bear Stella’s weight in one scene as she climbs on his back. Very straight-forward, he knows about Stella and Dot and is not fazed at all. 

Cat: 40’s/50’s – Prentice’ mother. She has been ill for some time and is quite frail. She has to balance a husband who doesn’t like Prentice with her desire to have her son near her. A small part but has substance.

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